Investigate Before You Renovate Pt.2

Home renovations are stressful; they can be expensive, messy & often last longer than anticipated. As a homeowner, it’s perfectly fine to renovate according to your taste, but if you’re not in your “Forever Home”, making renovations with future buyers’ preferences in mind may save you some money & aggravation.

One of the major pet peeves of today’s buyers is when sellers spend money on the wrong items. For example, a high-end kitchen remodel with a grand marble waterfall island and laminate flooring isn’t desirable & could have buyers scratching their heads – what were they thinking? A more typical island without all that extra marble but with hardwood floors may just make more sense.

Another factor to consider before making renovations is whether there is maintenance to be done prior to cosmetic upgrades. The sexy new kitchen & bathrooms deliver a wow factor in marketing photos, but nothing is worse than seeing a beautiful home with all the contemporary trends only to notice rotted sills on windows or floors that need to be refinished. Deferring maintenance in exchange for cosmetic upgrades is another no-no.

TLDR: Choose contractors wisely & be sure to address maintenance issues before making any upgrades; cosmetic or major.

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