Investigate Before You Renovate Pt.3

Permits: Why?

As an avid HGTV fan, the inclination to DIY is more compelling than ever. There are plenty of ways to brighten up spaces & change the look of our homes without a permit; however, it is imperative that once the line gets crossed from sprucing up to full-blown renovation that the experts get called in.

Buyers or the agents can also ask if work was completed with a permit. Depending on the nature of the improvement, the lack of a permit could have an adverse effect on the sale of the home. Permits are not recommended due to concerns surrounding ability, but more so to avoid the pitfalls of unknowingly not having complied with the municipal processes that can wind up costing way more than the couple hundred dollars associated with pulling the permit. So do yourself a favor & check in with your town beforehand to see what your next project may require on their end!

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