Seller’s Errors

If You’re Selling, Do Not…

1. Remodel. There are few renovations that can be done to actually increase the value of your home so that it translates to more money in your pocket. Be cautious of professionals that advise remodeling/renovations prior to listing – the return on investment is VERY rarely worth the expense. Fresh paint in neutral colors is often the biggest bang for your buck.

2. Stick around for showings/Open Houses. Buyers are self conscious to discuss your home in front of you – being absent at showings gives prospective buyers the ability to feel comfortable talking about your home without offending anyone.

3. Smoke inside. It’s a vice, we understand – but the buyers viewing your home may not be able to tolerate the smell & if they can’t stick around, then they can’t fall in love with your home, which is always the goal. (Same rules apply to cooking potent foods right before a showing)

4. Make showings difficult to accommodate. If it can’t be shown, it can’t be sold.

5. Wait to list until you find your next home. Be cautious in delaying listing your home until you have found another home to your liking. In a seller’s market like the one we are experiencing, submitting an offer subject to listing & sale of your own home puts you at a disadvantage on the buying side.

These reasons and more are why it’s important to contact a REALTOR. We are able to give you the benefit of our expertise in the marketplace to ensure your home shows at it’s greatest potential.

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